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Oy, paws off the table!

Sue’s nose apparently got her into a predicament!


Must have been something yummy, Ginny!

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  1. Is she doing her “EEK, a mouse!!!” routine? Cuz let me tell you, I’d be on the table too! I think I would have laughed myself silly and then put on my mom face to get her down from there. Funny!

  2. Hello….is anyone else suddenly not getting SN? my spam folder is clear and my contact links/list has SN marked as preferred – and i even have gmail.
    I set up a link to my work account and even that email just stopped.
    everything was fine for both addresses – then it just stopped coming.
    Anybody else out there?
    Any ideas?
    I sure do miss SN!

    Thanks for any assistance.

  3. Oh my gosh, I have never had one of my Shelties do that so you must have had something on the table that smelled really good! She is such a pretty girl! LOL!

  4. Tricia… wasn’t this Suri just last week??? At least she did this last week!

  5. Reminds me so much of my Sparky when he was a puppy. He’d “table dance” whenever we left the house. We’d come home and catch him in the act, lol.

  6. Oh, no Sue you are in very big trouble now! but probably not for long. I have never seen a Sheltie climb onto a table. She is very cute and inquisitive.

  7. Sue is caught SO-O-O red-handed, I don’t think all the cuteness (and she is cute) in the world, (or those tipped ears!), can get her out of this one. I don’t think I see guilt or even remorse in those sweet little eyes . . . just an
    aw-w-w-oh-h-h, how do I get out of this one? Don’t be too hard on her momma, whatever was left on that table, the temptation had to have been just too great to ignore.

  8. Sue is so pretty, she can flash her big smile to Mom & all will be forgotten.

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