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When Puppies and TP Collide

Uh oh, caught red handed!

Naughty Jack!


When you are cute, all is forgiven right, Julie and Daniel? ;)

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  1. My Declan blamed his brother Finn for the snowstorms in the living room. I have learned to keep the Tp up high and out of sight!

  2. I have to close bathroom door when I go out my 4 year old Sheltie will shred the tp

  3. This little guy keeps us busy. A bundle of energy and we are stocking up on TP. We are so happy that we have him, TP and all!

  4. What is it with Shelties and TP?

  5. He is adorable ! All forgiven !

  6. My puppies like the tissue box. They take the tissues out, play with them, then go back for more.

  7. Ha ha too funny. What is it about toilet paper that is so fascinating? Great picture!

  8. This so looks like our little Fuj-Bear, minus the white blaze!!! TP is such a fun find for puppies.

  9. Jack is so cute (and naughty)! Wishing you many happy years together!


  10. What an absolutely gorgeous bi-black Jack is. I can tell already this is going to be one spoiled little fur baby. Such a sweetheart you have brought into your lives that you will get to love for many years to come. You are going to have so much fun with your new heart and companion.

  11. When you are cute,all is forgiven. And why our babies were spoiled rotten. how can anyone be upset with those cute little faces?

  12. How adorable are you! Very much so! You have many happy times coming your way. Enjoy!

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