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Hint, Hint.

Here’s Max waiting for his usual morning belly scratch from his daddy.

He looks pretty happy just laying there!


Love those teefies too, Richard and Melanie!

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  1. Who can resist this invitation? Looks familiar, right down to the teefies, our sable boy flips over at the slightest chance of a belly rub.

  2. Perfect furbaby, perfect pose and charming photo.I can’t stop smiling. Perfect way to start the day. Thank you. Wishing you years and years of belly scratches and joy.

  3. Max you are a cutie!!!

  4. Gosh, I could look at this picture all day… So sweet.
    Little Max would just melt my heart.
    He is asking with those beautiful and soulful eyes…
    Won’t you please give my belly a rub?

    I would any day!!! My sisters sheltie does the same.
    How could we possibly say no?

    Enjoy those rubs Max!

  5. Wow Richard and Melanie, such a gorgeous little man you have. He looks to be such a little comedian and I LOVE the signature Sheltie smile he is sporting. With those beautiful little eyes, how in the world do you deny him anything? I hope you have many long years with your little companion.

  6. LOL, that looks so familiar! My Oscar does that whenever you’re walking toward him His mother does the same thing. The breeder said you have to stop & pay the toll :) Max is very handsome & quite lovable.

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