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Why Do They Keep Watering Me?

Because Marley loves it!


Happy spring, Brenda! ;)

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  1. Very pretty..Can,t wait for all my flowers and shrubs to bllom..Kelly goes nuts when the hose is turned on and gets absolutely saturated…Out come the towels!
    Marley is beautiful!

  2. LOL, how adorable! My sheltie runs the other way when he sees the terrible water coming from the even MORE terrible hose!

  3. OK Marley, can you send those flowers to Michigan… we need to smell the roses after ALL the snow we had this winter! Enjoy! You are one handsome tri boy with your full white collar.

  4. What a great photo Brenda. You seem to have a ‘help’ in the garden. Happy Spring!!

  5. What pretty flowers Brenda, but their beauty is so much more enhanced by the presence of your handsome little Marley. Does your boy love playing in the water or was he just looking for a drink? He has such a gorgeous coat color and I love the really big full white bib. And yes, Spring is FINALLY springing out almost everywhere, WAHOO!

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