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It’s You and Me Kid

Teddy & Taran are good buddies.


So sweet, Peggy!

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  1. Look at those gorgeous little faces, I just want to cuddle them both! Lucky you:)

  2. A couple of beauties..and… a wonderful photo which melts my heart!

  3. Priceless:-) It melted my heart!!

  4. That is a great photo. How did you get them to pose?

  5. What a sweet, sweet picture. Love it!

  6. Awwww. My Asta and Ally snuggle like this too. It’s so sweet. These two are good lookin’ boys!

  7. This is absolutely adorable! Wow!

  8. Oh my gosh, when I saw them this morning it just gave me a smile. What a double dose of sweetness you have there. They are beautiful. Have fun and take the best care of those sweet angels. We are blessed to be trusted with their care.

  9. Teddy & Taran look like they will be a bonded pair for life.
    Such a sweet picture to show their true love!

  10. What a beautiful photo! Teddy and Taran are so handsome. Wishing you all many, many years of fun and happiness!


  11. Oh wow Peggy, be still my heart . . . I’m in love all over again. Little Teddy seems to say this looks like the perfect place for a nap, knowing he has the complete and total trust of his BFF to have his back. Look at that sweet, sweet face, I could ask a question here, who owns who? But then, does it really matter? Please give an extra kiss and hug from me.

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