Sheltie Nation

Lemme Just Sneak In Here

Nothin’ unusual here. Just a bunch of cute Shelties.

Oh wait, who’s that?

(Sprite, Denver, Luke, Pepsi & Callie)

We will just have to make Pepsi an honorary Sheltie, Debbie! ;)

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  1. This picture made me smile. I had to do a double take because I did not realize Pepsi was not a Sheltie. She sure fits in with the “family”. They are all so adorable and picture perfect. I love this, and thank you for sharing your wonderful Shelties + 1 with us.

  2. This has to be one of the sweetest photos I have seen on Sheltie Nation!
    Sprite, Denver, Luke, Pepsi and Callie look like they are having a blast!!!
    What a wonderful time they must be having hanging out together.
    Love all those sheltie smiles and Pepsi’s demure head tilt makes it extra special. Thanks for sharing this outstanding photo!

  3. OMG What a groupd of little beauties and the lil pom pom fits right in the happy family!
    Lovely photo!

  4. So cute! Love the honorary Sheltie Pepsi too!

  5. OMG they are all really cute but that tiny little fox face of Pepsi’s is darling!!! I do love Poms.

  6. All are beauties.

  7. That is so adorable! She fits right in.

  8. Hahaha…Love Sheltie wannabe’s ? Pepsi is just as adorable ?

  9. It seems a Pom with a Sheltie is a fairly common combination. We had a wonderful little Red Pom that we found in the yard. We all fell in love with him in a heartbeat & he became a constant companion for our Sheltie, MacKenzie. She showed him how to master “The Look” & when he became ill she was his nursemaid, never leaving his side. She missed him so much that we were compelled to find another Pom & she now has our Little Sasha to keep her company. And..Sasha is also learning how to use “The Look” to her advantage.

  10. LOL, I’d say Pepsi is definitley cute enough to be an honorary Sheltie :)

  11. What a picture! Just trying to get them all to stay still is pretty impressive!

  12. Wow! Look at all those beautiful smiles! What a fantastic photo!!!

  13. AW-w-w Debbie, what a beautiful family you have. As mentioned, we will just pretend we see 5 Shelties, although little Pepsi sure is doing a fine job of representing his (?) Pom breed, he has done himself proud. Each of your baby’s are beautiful in their our right, your little family makes it impossible to pick a favorite, so my vote is 1/4 – 1/4 – 1/4 – 1/4, oops guess that should have been 1/5 across the board! Wishing you many long years of fun, health, love and companionship.

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