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How Do I Look?

Just a little blush really brings out your eyes, Fiji. ;)


Very cute, Ann! Love the sit!

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  1. How adorable! look at fiji. I can’t help but love fiji.

  2. Fiji is a boy. I guess he’s still in the stage of figuring out his identity. LOL.
    He sits and waits for his makeup turn every morning.

  3. Ooooh, Fiji is doing that funny puppy sit with her back legs tucked under. Too cute. So tell me, what color blush suits a sable Sheltie? LOL!

  4. What a pretty girl. So sweet of her to let you “apply” blush.

  5. You luk marvelous, dahling! How cute is your little Fiji, Ann. What’s going on, are we getting ready for a big night on the town that we need to get all glammed up and blinged out? I’m guessing your house is a laugh a minute, and that your little diva keeps you in stitches. Live well, laugh hearty and play hard. Wishing you many long years with this little beauty.

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