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Over the River, and Through the Woods

Everyone was all smiles on the first warm day this spring!

Koji the Sheltie and Jiro the Collie are both from Collie and Sheltie Rescue of SE Virginia.

(Their buddy Yuki is a Corgi mix.)


Looks like a lovely day, Brent and Jenny

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  1. I fostered Jiro once upon a time. I love that dog.

  2. WAHOO! A run through the woods to Grandma’s house is always fun, ’cause Grandmas always give the bestest treats! What beautiful furbaby’s I’m looking at, and one especially gorgeous Senior front and center. Looks like everyone is finally coming out from under all the snow and mess and I know no one appreciates it more than the 4 legged kids, who don’t have to have a bath just about every time they went out.

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