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Echo and Libby say: “Wait a minute. This sofa isn’t big enough for BOTH of us!”

x2, Julie?

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  1. Stunning photo!! What gorgeous Shelties.
    I know that look????

  2. Love, love, love the Bi-Blacks!!!

  3. Echo and Libby are two beauties…and they are just a waitin for their goodies !

  4. You can name this photo “2 Bi-Black Beauties.” They are soo lovingly attentive and intelligent looking at you. They can come stay with me if you need a Sheltie Sitter.

    • Thank-you Ruth :) They are always angels except when I’m changing the kitchen garbage bag, ripping of pieces of Saran wrap, or cleaning with paper towels. Anyone else have these issues? LOL

  5. Beautiful dogs!!!

  6. AW-w-w Julie, your Echo and Libby are both absolutely stunning and I’m guessing these baby’s don’t lack for anything and that there is another bed out of the picture! Such sweet, sweet little faces, I don’t know what you’re holding off screen, but you sure do have their attention. My guess would be extra cookies!

    • Sullivan,
      I started posing them together for pictures when they were tiny, little pups…they even participate without treats.

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