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Smiles are Contagious!

Happy is a Norcalsheltierescue success story.

Four years ago, she would have been far too uptight to go upside down, never mind the goofy grin!

She is nine lovely years old now and people still ask if she is a puppy.


Hugs to you for adopting, Janea!

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  1. Give me a tummy rub! Janea ..thankyou for adopting this little wonder! She looks like one little happy camper full of tricks and lots of love!


  2. What a ‘Happy’ Camper;) Another pretty, pink, Sheltie-tummy:)

  3. I can hear her giggling from way out here in Utah! You have a very Happy girl on your hands :)

  4. What a pretty girl? You can see the love she has for you!

  5. Happy looks so cute and content. You are so right… a rescue can be so traumatized and shy that they would never roll over. My sisters sheltie was the same way. Now she loves belly rubs!!! SO glad she is safe and secure. Bless you for caring enough to adopt.

  6. Aww sweet dog!

  7. Nothing better than a Sheltie smile! What a sweetie, Janea.

  8. First and foremost, thank you for rescuing this beautiful little girl, aren’t seniors wonderful? I gotta tella ya Janea, this is the BEST picture I’ve seen in a very long time. I am ROFLMBO, this is just too funny. I’m going to guess that your house is a laugh a minute with this little clown around! She has such beautiful colorings and markings and that pink and black tie set them off very well. KUDOS for a job well done. I wish you years and years of happiness with your sweet little companion.

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