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Express Your Sheltie Puppy Decor-um

To reduce the appearance of clutter, be sure to organize your puppies using proven fung shui methods.


How did you get them to pose like that, Dayna! ;)

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  1. Oh my heart melted! I love them all, and the bigger one reminds me of our big girl Asta. But I’ve decided I’ll take the one on the left, please! Something about the expression on that little one’s face….
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Adorable!!

  3. What a beautiful line up!

  4. I came to visit Sheltie Nation and what did I find? 5, yes count them, 5 of the cutest and most adorable faces I have ever seen and I am so-o-o in love! It’s amazing to me how you got them to pose as you did, looks like 5 champions in the making. I am so jealous of all the fun that goes on at your house. I know you are not supposed to have favorites with your “kids” but, if I had to pick I would say that little bit of love, 2nd from the right side, standing up at the fence.

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