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Get More Bounce for Your Ball

Riley will worry about the landing part later.


Awesome, Terry!

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  1. WOWZERS! Awesome shot…Love it!

  2. Amazing height! Looks like a vertical leap!

  3. Holy Moly, that’s some air time! I guess Riley is serious about that ball. Our first Sheltie Skye used to do this, in fact she learned the command “bounce”. Thanks for sharing this very cute photo!

  4. Good skills Riley! Such a handsome boy.

  5. Amazing. At first I thought I saw a trampoline, but no. Riley is some high jumper. Can he throw a basket ball? You could get him a job.

  6. WOW Terry, your baby sure grabs some air, what a great shot! However, being on that concrete patio, I could be a little worried. I sure hope the landing went well. Riley sure is a handsome young man.

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