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He’s My Brother Now

Gus and his newly adopted friend O’Reilly from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue.

They like to hang out together.


O’Reilly qualified in Rally novice at Sheltie Nationals after only 2 months in his forever home!

Hugs to you for adopting, Jill!

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  1. Congratulations on your new member of your family..What a handsome pair…and many many happy years ahead for them as best buddies!

  2. Two beautiful boys. Thank you for adopting.

  3. I can not think of anything that warms my heart more than the rescue of a shetlie! Two beautiful looking pups…

    Gus and O’Reilly will have many years looking out for one another!
    Congrats on your qualifying O’Reilly in Rally Novice at Sheltie Nationals!
    You can tell he will do anything to please you in gratitude of your adopting him!

    Thanks so much for adopting!

  4. love this! that look like great buddies!

  5. Aw-w-w Jill, what an adorable picture of new “brothers” Gus and O’Reilly, what a wonderful thing you did by bringing O’Reilly to his forever home. We know he will show his appreciation daily in more ways than you will ever be able to count. I wish you many years of all good things Sheltie.

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