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What is This, Some Kind of Dog-and-Pony Show?


A little pony!


Bet little Dexter had fun playing with Fergus, Kerfuffle!

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  1. I would love to see a picture with a saddle on the sheltie dog-pony!

  2. What a gorgeous pair. That pup is simply adorable too. I love how the little one is urging the big one to pay attention. Who could resist?

  3. Dexter is adorable and Fergus is so handsome! Wishing you many years of fun and happiness with these dapper gents!!!


  4. Delightful! I have a 10 year old Sheltie and a year old Sheltie cross (he is 3/4 Sheltie and 1/4 Pomeranian) This wonderful picture is exactly how my boys play, and the great part is that is exactly my line when I watch them! Is this some kind of dog and pony show? Thank you for sharing a perfectly captured moment in the day of your beautiful fur-kids! You have made my day very special! God Bless!

  5. So cute! Fergus doesn’t look too sure of little Dexter but who could refuse the little paws, begging to come play?

  6. this is just the most endearing image ever!
    Just brings a smile to your face.
    Dexter and Fergus will have plenty of days to follow this one.
    What a great memory to savor with this shot!

  7. Kerfuffle, did you get a Shetland SheepDOG or a Shetland PONY? Haha! They’er both such cuties! Congrats on your new little family member! :D

  8. How cute ! The little guy just wants to play and the big guys is trying to decide if he wants to, too. Little Dexter is just adorable and Fergus very handsome. There’s going to be a lot of fun at someone’s house for a long time. Lucky you.

  9. Looks like little Dexter is practicing abut of hero worship. Adorable!!!

  10. What a sweet picture. Thanks for sharing; it totally made my day.

  11. Did you hear that ka-thunk? That was my heart falling in love again, when I visit Sheltie Nation, that usually happens at least twice a day! Your little Dexter is just to-o-o cute and I love the name. Going to be lots of fun at your house from now on. It looks like big brother Fergus is not quite sure yet what to do with this little bundle of energy, but I’m guessing they will sort it out. Congratulations on your newest family member, I wish you many long, happy years with your fur family.

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