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A Little Daddy-Daughter Smile

Lisa got her smile from her daddy, Boy.


Just lovely, Chen!

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  1. They are both so beautiful! What wonderful babies you have!

  2. Perfect faces and smiles,exactly the way the breed should look.

  3. Now that is a proud papa!
    How could you not smile at this image? Shelties have the best smiles EVER!
    Just captures the wonderful temperament.

  4. BOY and Lisa Say hello to all sheltie friends in the world :)

  5. Thanks for all kinds of words here. Lisa is from an unexpected inbreeding. But I am lucky get three heathy puppies from this litter. I keep the only girl lisa in my home. Lisa got her CN.Ch title quickly from only two show.
    I have been in loving this breed for 12 years since my first bi black sheltie pet come to my home. :)

  6. Oh, I think I’m in love with your furkids. What a wonderful family you have — and they really do strongly resemble each other.

  7. What lovely expressions!! Beautiful dogs, great photo!

  8. Saying they are stunning would be an understatement! So precious and a grin that would melt the coldest of heart. Lovely names.

  9. What a fun picture . . . and the family resemblance is amazing. I’ve seen human family members that don’t look that much alike. Too cute!

    Chen, I’m just wondering how long and how hard you had to work to get that shot, I believe that is one shot I would call the “money shot”. 2 absolutely stunning furbaby’s, you must be so proud.

  10. Wow! What a family resemblance.

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