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Sheesh, It’s Like Herding Humans


This is a fantastic photo, Rachel!

It’s nice to see a working Sheltie!

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  1. What a beautiful photo ,, and Sheltie too

  2. What a great photo of a dog doing what comes naturally to a shepherd! We took our girls last year for instinct testing on sheep, and lo and behold, they all 3 had it. So fun.

  3. Rachel, what a great shot! This picture looks to be saying, I LOVE MY JOB! Herding is the greatest and I’m the best at my job. Your furbaby is absolutely beautiful and from the looks of this picture, poetry in motion.

  4. What a great action photo! The look on the sheltie’s face is so relaxed, so congenial, like they could relax in the shade together for a bit. So different from a border collie at work!

  5. Nice shot! It’s such a joy to watch these guys in action!

  6. Shelties at their best!

    You can see the pleasure in this sweet face…
    Herding is a job well done…

    A sheltie in action is a beautiful thing!!!

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