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Sheltie Nation Puzzle Edition

Bentley has a bad habit. He loves drywall.

It looks like he was playing solitary tic-tac-toe.

bentleygameIn another few minutes, he may have won!

bentleygame2Good thing he is cute, Kristen!

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  1. Mine grew out of that, but it took a good year, probably.

  2. Is it possible Bentley is just bored and felt he had to create a “job” for himself? We know they think they have to be busy, busy, busy. Or, is it his way of telling you that he does not want to be crated? We also know that since they don’t have voices to communicate, they will “talk” to us by whatever method they come up with and eating your walls seems to be Bentley’s method of telling you that all is not right in his world. It is also true that Bentley is just too darn cute Kristen, he is a very handsome fella.

  3. Oh my Bentley … maybe mom will put a chew toy in your crate next time!
    … or at least move the crate away from the wall!

    My Laddie was a chewer too… just look at me baseboard moldings and door trim to prove it.

    Maybe Bentley will grow out of it Kristen! He is a cutie!
    How could you stay mad at that face!

  4. Mine did that when they were upset about where I put the little fence they were in. They were trying to tell me. I finally moved it and they were happy.

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