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Shelties Never Beg

Butlers at your service: Cassie (tri), Dakota (sable) and May (merle).


Of course they never would do that, Seth! ;)

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  1. Bed and Breakfast

  2. NEVER ;)

  3. It is doggie mind control–never begging.

  4. I have a collie and 2 sheltie’s. That looks exactly like my house.

  5. One of the many jobs of shelties: food services supervisors ;)

  6. Boy, doesn’t that look familiar!

  7. Oh my gosh ..and they swallow when you do..haha

  8. At least they do it VERY POLITELY!

  9. Haha they stand their completely hypnotized, just like mine!

  10. My goodness, with all that intensity, how do you ever get a guilt free bite? I believe I would have to call a “everyone to your own corner”! Never beg! A Sheltie? HA – I can’t think of any other breed that has better eyes that are just for this purpose . . . and from the looks of it, Cassie, Dakota and May have it down to an art form. But they are beautiful fur baby’s so I’m sure they are not spoiled, at all! Right Seth?

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