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Blanket Statement

Quillow loves her queen sized bed and the afghan her mom crocheted for her.

She usually leaves a little room for her mom, too!


Awe, Carol

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  1. Quillow is a very beautiful girl. What gorgeous markings she has!

    ps Glad she leaves you a little room on the queen sized bed, our Mally knows how much room is enough for him, usually.

    pps Her afghan is lovely.

  2. Shelties do love their comforts!

  3. What a lovely name for a beautiful Sheltie!! Quillow looks so swet as she sleeps with her blanket;)

  4. What a sweet, sweet face. Aw-w-w Carol, Quillow looks to be the perfect baby for spoiling and I’d say from the looks of it, you are doing a wonderful job. Give your sweet little soul a kiss and hug from me and maybe even an extra cookie tonight.

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