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Close Encounters

Tony isn’t so sure he wants to share his nap space with little Lila?


And she is blissfully unaware, Paula! :)

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  1. Ah, can anything look more “long suffering” than a sheltie? They’re both so beautiful!

  2. Oh, Tony, has your space been invaded?! LOL. The little one is unconcernedly snoozing, sure that big brother had her back. Both are so cute, I love Tony’s coloring.

  3. What a sweet puppy! Awe, Tony is a good big brother, he shares the sofa and keeps an eye on her:)

  4. Paula, both of your baby’s are so beautiful. Tony is simply stunning and little Lila looks to be well on her way to becoming a very striking adult as well. Guess maybe after spending all day keeping the little one out of trouble, Tony was just looking for a little alone, down time and Lila just loves her brother so much, that she is like the little human sisters, just gotta be where big brother is. Much fun in their futures.

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