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Don’t You Forget About Me!

Oh no!

Poor Smulan!


I bet he turned around after he felt the burning eyes in his back right, Marie?

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  1. Well Marie, you could explain it to Smulan this way. You might feel like you are being left out and ignored, but just think, this gentleman saved the best for last! He sure is a handsome little fella and you’re right, I can feel the burning eyes from here

  2. Ooooooh, ignore that Sheltie at your own peril, LOL!! Looks like maybe a Beagle on the table. Hopefully Smulan is just lined up for his turn.

  3. My sheltie girl has a weight to her stare … none can ignore

  4. Sweet & sad all at the same time – can’t help but feel bad for the little guy NOT receiving the immediate attention!

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