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Say Hello To My Little Friend

Kasa the Sheltie and Tonks are good buddies.


Awe, Shannon.

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  1. LOL at the caption!

  2. In my own experience, Shelties are wonderful with other creatures. Mine have been great with cats and bunnies. These two are very cute together!

  3. Kasa is so sweet to make friends!
    That is what you have to LOVE about the sheltie breed…
    They are so sweet to to other animals!

    Beautiful photo Shannon.
    Thanks for beginning our week with this image.
    Kasa’s coat is just luscious!

  4. Kasa is adorable. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to appear rude but what the heck is Tonks? Is that a ferret? The white is so bright and the black is so dark against the white that Kasa is just stunning.

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