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Senior Shelties ARE special!

These two senior boys take a break in the shade after helping me water the gardens. Buddy at 11 years young (left) and Toby at 13, are both proud alumni of Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis. They may not go as far or as fast as they used to, but that’s what makes all of my seniors so special.


Hugs to you Christine!

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  1. Buddy and Toby looks fantastic! I also have a senior sheltie, Kylie Mae. She is 12 now. We have had her since she was 6 weeks old. I would love to write a book about her! My true love!

  2. We prefer to adopt adult shelties since we are over 50 and don’t want to have to house train and all with a puppy. Plus it seems like everyone else wants young dogs or puppies.

  3. This is my boy Buddy with his new friend Toby! Love it!

  4. They are simply beautiful!! These are my favorite breed and as soon as I get settled where I am, I am going to call a woman that has a Sheltie Rescue in the state I am in. I had a Sheltie when I was younger and she is the only dog that was able to capture my heart. Now I would love to rescue, adopt which ever another Sheltie. Am looking forward to my new adventure with another Sheltie. Hug these beauties for me!! Sandi

  5. How relaxed and comfortable and totally at ease they are!
    We, who adopt our Shelties, rarely know the full extent of what happened to them before being rescued. The only thing we really know is that they deserve a life full of love and care, belly rubs, tushy scratches and cookies. Your guys clearly have the cushy life they deserve. From your post, it sounds like you’ve had other seniors.

    You rock Christine!

  6. Hugs indeed! Seniors are so special, such great teachers of graceful aging and what’s important.

  7. @Micheal L Yeargin Toby still acts like a youngster and I’m thankful for every day. He’s still very young at heart. Congratulations to you and your Sheltie for 17 wonderful years together.

  8. Buddy and Toby are just precious!

    LOVE SENIORS… Mine are seniors as well. There is something about their mellow and loving sweet nature that just appeals to me and my life style!

    Yes indeed… Hugs to you Christine!

  9. Yes they are My Sheltie lived to be 17 years old

  10. WAHOO!! Seniors ROCK! Both Buddy and Toby, being the senior statesmen for our beloved breed, are very regal in deed. They are what this great breed is all about. Thanks to you Christine, these two sweet souls will never want or need anything again and we know they understand that, so kudos to you on a job well done in rescuing these guys.

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