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Vintage Sheltie

Proof Shelties never go out of fashion.


We love Fiji, Ann!

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  1. Fiji looks so stylish. The hat color is perfect with her sable and white coat. How did you get her to stay still for a photo? My 6 month old would have chewed the hat before I could take a picture.

  2. Stunning Sheltie! Adorable hat:)

  3. OMG! Utterly adorable photo! Figi looks like such a little lady!

  4. How elegant! Fiji reminds me of the1940’s-1950’s women who wore their hats & gloves when they went out. I called them the “white glove brigade.” Fiji has white paws which look like white gloves. And her chapeau is tilted with just the right amount of panache allowing one ear to pop out. She looks a perfect lady. Tea & crumpets anyone?

  5. Now that is one styling pup!
    Fiji wears her hat with pride and attitude!

    Too darn sweet Ann.

  6. Fiji knows a lady is not completely dressed without a hat. I love the sexy little tilt and the netting is light enough not to cover that beautiful face. Now this adorable little cutie is ready for anything.

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