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C’mon! Time to Shake Off the Work Week!

Chance says: “summer isn’t over yet and the weekend is almost here!”


Summer fun, Anthony!

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  1. What a wonderful, adorable face your Chance has. This photo made me smile from ear to ear. Please give him a hug, a kiss and a cookie from me.

  2. Awe… how sweet!
    My boy is name Chance too…
    Both have the sweetest of sheltie smiles!

    SOOO cute… You just want to give them a HUGE HUG wet or not!

  3. WAHOO Anthony, just look at the joy in Chances’ eyes and the big smile on his face, your boy sure is lovin’ life right now. And why not, with not a care in the world and all the love one heart can hold, this baby looks to be a real happy camper. Even “stinky dog” wet, what a beauty this little guy is!

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