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The Fur Brothers

Connor and Chase are 3 months apart but inseparable best friends.

Brothers from a different mother (and father!)


It’s not where you come from that makes you a family right, Helen?

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  1. What a lovely portrait of two lovely Shelties. You can see the love they have for each other in their eyes!

  2. Connor and Chase are two awesome looking Bro,s….Doen,t matter if they came from different parents..They are brother,s now!
    Many years of fun and happiness ahead!

  3. Ahhhhh, brotherly love. It is so special to have a bonded pair like this. I have one of my own. My Asta and Ally are aunt and niece, they are 6 months apart in age and love each other completely. Thanks for sharing this really heart-warming photo!

  4. Love Sheltie BFFs (best fur friends)!

  5. BFF’s. Perfect. This is a beautiful picture of 2 loving sentient
    shelties. This really warms my heart. Hugs to both of them — and cookies, too.

  6. How adorable…
    Connor and Chase have the sweetest faces!
    You can just see from this picture the love they have for each other.

    Thanks starting my morning with a smile!

  7. What sweet, sweet faces your boys have Helen. Chase looks like he is leaning into Connor for the reassurance that he is close by, and displaying the big Sheltie smile that all is right in his world.

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