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Hi-Who, Hi-Who, Off to Work I ZZZZZZZZ

Tilly, don’t work so hard OK?


I be too distracted to get any work done, Patricia!

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  1. I tried so hard, but, a girl has to get to her sleep. The photo is priceless.

  2. What an adorable little puppy!!! Want to cuddle…..

  3. Oh my… what an endearing image…
    Tilly looks so comfy in her basket!

    Sweet dreams…

  4. Aw-w-w Patricia, what a sweet baby Tilly is. She may not be getting any work done, but at least you know where she is so you can get yours done, ’cause you know, once she’s up she will be rip roarin’, raring to go! Such a soft honey color, such a little beauty.

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