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You knit, I sit!

Kaya loves her new blanket.


What a good mommy you are, Brenda! ;)

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  1. Oh Kaya knows a good thing when she sees it! All of mine immediately recognize a dog bed of any kind when they see it. Lucky Kaya to have a mom who knits her a special blankie! Cute photo.

  2. She is such a beautiful sheltie!!!

  3. The best thing about a blanket made by Mommy is that her beloved scent is in every strand. A beautiful blanket and a beautiful Sheltie, Brenda.

  4. How sweet… Kaya looks might comfy on her new blanket!
    She sure is cute. You must love to hug and kiss her little face!

  5. Kaya is such a beautiful little girl, isn’t it fun to spoil these sweet little souls? Just a hit of a smile, my beloved tipped ears and of course the beautiful expressive eyes . . . total package for me.

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