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Naughty Puppies!

Mean little Sheltie Monsters taunted Romeo until he cried!


LOL a perfectly timed shot, Dayna!

Be sure to cheer him up by reminding him WHO is in the pen! ;)

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  1. A memorable moment with little puppy antics. Romeo is absolutley stunning!

  2. Oh boy all I can say about this classic shot is: I am cracking up. Perfectly timed shot indeed. So darn funny with your captions!

  3. Awes, Romeo…just keep that fence between you and those little rascals and it’ll all be okay :)

  4. TOO CUTE!! It is all in the timing, poor little Romeo seems to be saying, these kids are driving me crazy, (and what beautiful kids they are), I just can’t take it any more! But what a handsome little bi-black Romeo is. Lucky you Dayna to be blessed with a whole pack to run, play with and love.

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