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It’s a Pillow, It’s a Pet

Annie has the most comfortable pillow in her friend Chewy!


BFFs, Robin!

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  1. This might be one of my favorite Sheltie Nation pics of all time. Love the gentle giant Great Pyrenees Chewy “supporting” his friend Annie. You haven’t lived till you’ve hugged a GP. Annie looks so comfy and cozy. Love this! :-)

  2. New meaning to ” I got your back” Annie looks so sweet as she sleeps;)

  3. Love this! My two favorite breeds–shelties and Great Pyranees–curled up together :)

  4. What a sweet photo!
    Annie and Chewy look like the best BFF’s!
    Thanks for sharing such a tender moment.

  5. What a beautiful pair! Chewy makes the Sheltie look so tiny!
    They are both gorgeous.

  6. Aw-w-w Robin, what a sweet picture of your precious fur baby’s, I do believe this is what BFF’s are all about. I love the serenity in pretty Chewy’s face and the total look of contentment on little Annie’s face, what better way to spend an afternoon then curled up in the love of your BFF.

    • I just took a closer look at the background and realized, they are lying in front of the stove which says my first assumption was wrong, they may be “curled up in love” but more importantly, maybe they are waiting for dinner to be served.

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