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Sheltie Storm Watch

Little Jasmine (in mid-yawn), Chance (Center), Logan (Left), Laddie, (right) are all enjoying the summer.

Although a storm just moved through…so, they are inside for now.


Fabulous 4some, Gloria!

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  1. What a lovely group of Shelties. They look so devoted to whatever it is that you have at the moment;) I can’t imagine all the fun and loving you receive from them!

  2. Thanks for all the kind comments…

    Imagine my thrill when I opened my email from Sheltie Nation to see MY shelties gracing the site! It is my birthday today and I can not think of a better b-day gift from Sheltie Nation. Thanks a BUNCH Kelly!!!

    You are so right Sullivan… “all things Sheltie, companionship and all the unconditional love your heart can hold.” That comment sums it up perfectly!

    Ruth, my grooming chores were cut in half since I purchased the Prima Bathing System. I read a post on Sheltie Nation about it and it sure makes my job easier! It is a labor of LOVE!

    They all get along so well… that is what you have to love about the breed! Shelties are the best!!

  3. You know Gloria, if you get just two more, you’ll have a six pack of shelties ;). Beautiful boys!

  4. What a beautiful group of shelties! I bet you all have lots of fun together; that you get lots of kisses and they get lots of treats. They look so happy and content. Do they all get the zoomies at the same time? I’d love to be around for that. I have 1 sheltie so I know about how much extra brushing is required to keep my guy looking fluffy. I can only imagine how much time and effort goes into keeping them so well groomed. Kudos to you. It’s a lot of work but oh so worth it.

  5. So much happiness in one room :) Toooooo cute!

  6. My, my Gloria, what beauty this Fabulous 4some has graced your house with . . . and I have not a doubt in my mind, never a dull moment. Lucky, lucky you to get to live among so much fun, all the zoomies, all things Sheltie, companionship and all the unconditional love your heart can hold.

    Hold on baby’s, as hot as it is, it won’t take long to dry out and you can be back out exploring.

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