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A Shetland Cheesedog? What?

Ahh, the power of cheese!


LOL! Jax is super cute, Sarah!

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  1. Man, he already knows we all melt at the first glimpse of teefers!!!

  2. What a cutie! Lots of personality. This reminds me of our Skipper, whose big nose and toothy grin sometimes greet me ON MY PILLOW in the morning!

  3. I just LOVE those little toofers!!! He is so darn cute! I just want to pick him up and squeeze him!

  4. Jax has a super sweet face. I get the feeling there is a grrrrr behind that look for the cheese dog.

  5. Great Sheltie smile!!!! So Cute!!!!! :)

  6. LOL. . . .super precious

  7. My, my, my, would you just LOOK at that face! Sarah, Jax is already telling you that things will never be the same, and it is going to be a laugh a minute at your house.

    He is just too adorable and of course, love the Sheltie grin with all the teefies and that absolutely stunning hourglass blaze, all you little girl baby’s watch out . . . JAX IS IN DA HOUSE!

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