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1st Birthday Smiles!

Link is a happy 1 year old!


Party time, Robert & Marie!

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  1. We love our little guy! Thanks everyone!


    Your smile says it all!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are one cute Sheltie! Love your hat!

  3. Link is such a handsome guy and he looks so happy, which is how we sheltie lovers want them to be. Happy Birthday Link. I hope you have many many more birthdays so you and your humans can give and get lots of love and cuddles.

  4. Link you are absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday little one and may you enjoy many more!

  5. Link is not only smiling, he is laughing and saying, “Let’s get this show on the road, part-ee, part-ee! He is a very handsome young man and I see years of fun, happiness and all things Sheltie. Enjoy your BFF and lifelong companion.

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