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Come To Bed if You Want to Cuddle

Tayla and Aslan are waiting.


Good question, Sarah. Where are you going to sleep? ;)

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  1. I feel a cuddle attack coming looking at those two dolls!

  2. Solution? Crawl up in between them, this gives you a hug from both sides. WAHOO, double hugs from these two sweet, sweet beauties, and getting to look into those little gorgeous eyes and angelic little faces, how could that NOT be a win-win all around? What a perfect ending/beginning to any day. I am now officially jealous!

  3. Bedtime Sheltie cuddles are the best!

  4. Love seeing these cuddle buddies!

  5. What a cuddlefest!
    Who would want to get out of bed if you could snuggle up with these two!

    Too precious!

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