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Awwwwe, what is going on in tiny puppy dreamland?


Fantastic photo of Binky, K9wolfje!

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  1. What a little sweetie Binky is. My immediate response was “Ahh.” Great photo. I’d love to turn the photo into wallpaper. Anyone know how?

    • Hi Ruth,

      1. Put the cursor on the picture.

      2. If you have a PC then right click on the picture (Mac: Hold the control key down and click the space bar) Select: Save image as

      3. Save the picture (image). Make sure to give it a recognizable name and select an easy place to find it liken the desktop or in documents folder.

      4. Find your control panel, go into your computer settings and locate screen saver. PC control panel can usually be accessed by right clicking on the desktop.

      If you have a Mac the just click on the apple in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Select: System Preferences. Select Desktop and Screen Savers.

      5. Once you’re in screensaver select the picture.

      Hope this helps!

      • Kimberly — I hope you get to read this. Your directions worked. Thank you so much. Every time I open my computer I see this fuzzy serene face.

  2. OMG, that has GOT TO BE the CUTEST photo I have ever seen!!!!

  3. What a sweetie!! Isn’t it amazing all the places that puppies can fall asleep. I have a blue merle when she was a puppy I lost her in the back yard, finally found her under the mock orange bush she just blended in with the leaves. Of course had to take a picture.

  4. How sweet!
    Nothing cuter than a puppy sleeping!!!

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely picture. Made my morning!

  5. Sure would be nice if I could find a garden like this that grows these little beauties in my neighborhood. I would be in 7th Heaven, problem is, since we know these baby’s are like potato chips, I’d be in real trouble all the time. K9, your little Binky is absolutely adorable and you are going to have years of fun, companionship and more love that you would ever hope for.

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