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Matty is Sittin’ Pretty


So beautiful, Lisa!

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  1. What a lovely, lovely photo! Matty is so very beautiful and obviously enjoying the garden.

  2. Matty certainly enhances an already beautiful environment!
    Lucky you Lisa to live around such beauty!

  3. Flower garden? I don’t see no flower garden, all I see is one VERY handsome gentleman who seems to be enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. I know you don’t typically classify boys as beautiful, but I have to go off the charts here and say wow Lisa, what a beauty this is I’m looking at.

    • Thank you all, he is a joy, I must say! We only get irises like this for a short time in the spring here in the desert, but our guy sure looks lovely in them. A short month later and he is inside, drinking ice water all summer!

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