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Mom, I Love My New Chew Toy!

Maggie, you are a lucky girl!


A warm welcome to Maggie and her mom, Sune who are from South Africa!

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  1. What a very beautiful girl your Maggie is!

    I love how she has the “one paw up” on her chew toy, to balance it and lean it onto her other paw.
    (very smart idea)

  2. Ummmm, sure gives new meaning to the phrase “Supersize it!” Maggie should be busy with that for a while. She sure looks happy!

  3. That bone is bigger than she is. She’s got a lot to eat thru so I’m guessing she won’t be barking for a long time. Maggie is a blond beauty.

  4. Bark softly and carry a BIG BONE!

    Welcome to Sheltie Nation Maggie!
    Great picture of you and we know your mom Sune is VERY proud of you too!

    Enjoy that bone… take your time… eating a large bone is better done in small bites! ;-)

  5. Goodness Sune, that bone is bigger than she is. Your little Maggie is so beautiful with that soft honey colored coat. I think even through that bone I can see the smile on her sweet face, saying “am I a lucky girl or what?” Hope to see more pictures of your sweet little girl.

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