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Porch Pooch

Mackenzie likes to supervise her humans doing yard work.


Princess on her throne, right Donna? :)

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  1. What a stunning Sheltie with remarkable facial markings. MacKenzie looks so proud on her “Porch Patrol” station..

  2. This is such a lovely photo of a stunning girl, doing what Shelties do best – supervising! My girls do the same.

  3. Mackenzie is so very striking you can tell she is well taken care of I love the white blaze mine have the blaze. There is a reason Sheltie have a long nose(nosey) they want to be included on all the excitement. If I look down and don’t have a Sheltie beside me I am lost.

  4. Well, we know that Mackenzie was tended to prior to any garden work!

    Look at that well manicured coat! What a beauty…

  5. MacKenzie you can come supervise my yard work any time. You are beautiful lying there as the Yard Team Captain!

  6. Wow Donna, your little MacKenzie is just too stunning for words, I love her coat, it is beautiful. Yes, she is what we call, “straw bossin'”, supervising to make sure things are done just right. That big Sheltie smile is telling the world she is loving what she sees, but that is mainly because we know that her humans are within her line of sight.

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