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Autumn Leaves

The days are getting shorter and the temps are getting cooler.

Perfect Sheltie weather!


Taran is handsome, Peggy!

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  1. What a handsome little man your Taran is. I’m sure you get lost every day looking into those sweet little soulful eyes, I know I would. Such a sweetheart, I find a new way every day to be jealous.

  2. Great looking Sheltie!! Love them eyes!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. So beautiful! If Sheltie Nation ever does a sheltie calendar, I vote this photo for September :)

  4. Besides being one handsome fella, Taran looks like he’s very playful, great fun to be with and an all-around great snuggler. Lucky you, Lucky Taran. Autumn is an especially good time for long walks. May you have a gazillion good walks together.

  5. Looks like a grown-up version of my Tucker :)

  6. Taran is just beautiful!
    Lovely photo…
    thanks for sharing…

  7. Yes, we can all get geared up now for the Sheltie weather. I am sure we will all be quite busy but having lots of fun playing outside with our babies.

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