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Bark in the Park!

Watson is strutting his fuzzy stuff at the dog park.



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  1. Thanks everyone… those eyes can get full of sass when he wants to! There is never any guessing what he is feeling… he expresses his emotions quite clearly through them.

    I love this little guy with his soulful eyes and goofy teeth! I don’t know if I could have asked for a better companion.

  2. What a beautiful boy!

  3. Such a handsome boy!

  4. What a handsome fella! And such soulful eyes! Give him a big hug from me.

  5. Looking good Watson!

    Love your stance and fur flying in the wind!

    Such a cutie! What a love bug!

    Darci, I sure you are pleased at Watson’s recovery…

  6. WOW Darci, what a regal looking beauty your Watson is. Strutting his stuff indeed, if I looked this good I’d be stylin’ and profilin’ too.

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