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Kitty Cohabitation

Kimiko the cat and Fergus really DO like each other.


Why do kitties always look so serious, Kerfuffle?

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  1. My Sheltie is a cat whisperer. When I foster rescue kittens, he shows them dogs are not scary, and lets them crawl all over him. He does get nervous if they start spreading out in too many different directions – he wants to herd them into a nice group.

  2. Now that is one ADORABLE picture…

    I have two cats with three shelties and they ALL get along with each other…

    Kimiko and Fergus are just beautiful!
    Lucky you…. Thanks for sharing …

  3. They both seem to be saying, “nothing to see here, moving on”. Just a couple of gorgeous little furbaby’s relaxing and chillin’ together. Kimiko is doing the usual cat thing and being overly curious while it looks like Fergus is just about down for the count. Very pretty baby’s.

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