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Now THAT Is Some Wicked Side-Eye

Milo is on to little Lacey’s tricks!


Too cute, Judy!

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  1. Milo to Lacey ” Talk to the paw cause the ears aren’t listening.” Lacey to Milo ” You might be bigger than me, but, my cuteness trumps your size.”

  2. aww, a merle sheltie! Kylies mother,Pepper was a merle!!! Beautiful!

  3. Oh look, Judy has a big beauty and a little cutie on her way to being a big beauty. Poor Milo, with all that puppiness he doesn’t stand a chance because Lacey is telling him, “Understand this . . . I WILL be heard!”

  4. LOL, I have a feeling I know who’s the boss here ;)

  5. What a absolute adorable Puppy Lacy is. She will certainly keep Milo busy! They are adorable together. Enjoy them they are beautiful and I am sure full of fun.

  6. How cute is that!
    How wonderful to see these two getting along so well!

    Just down right adorable!
    Great shot Judy… more to come I bet!

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