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Stop What You’re Doing Mom…

Teddy wants attention.


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  1. Goodness, look at all the human love in sweet Teddy’s eyes. Looks like he has the “I need a hug” look down pat. Who could resist? Tipped ears, small blaze and black outlines, all things Sheltie that I love.

  2. Such a soft, sweet look in his eyes. He knows he’s loved!

  3. Teddy has grown into quite the handsome boy!

  4. Teddy is adorable. He has such a sweet face!!

  5. Teddy has that adorable “lets cuddle” look in his eyes. ((?))

  6. Teddy is so handsome, love his tipped ears!

  7. Ok Teddy, I am ready when you are…
    Cuddle time is now in progress!!!

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