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Do you think deep thoughts?

Ollie does.


They are always thinking, kerfuffle.

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  1. A lovely photo of a very lovely dog.

  2. Ollie is very handsome. He may be deep in thought but those upright ears listening too. I love his expression. Just as an aside: Ollie reminds me of my Motek.

  3. Is it 5:00 yet? Ollie is watching for his humans to get home, just look at the intensity in those sweet, loving eyes. What an adorable picture, Ollie is so handsome. I picture him excitedly doing jumps and short zoomies when mom and dad are spotted.

  4. “Where did I bury that bone and how do I know I’m really a good boy?”

  5. Hmmm…What should I do first?..Chase a squirrell?…Play ball?…Have a snack?…give my human a hug? much to do!

  6. Wow, what a stunning, stunnib photo and sheltie! It so captures the many things we love about the breed.

  7. One word,,,, Stunning!

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