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Baroo? [head tilt]

As if little Kelly needed to look any cuter.

kellyheadtiltAdorable, Tracy!

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  1. That baby is Beautiful. Plz give lots of kisses from me!!!

  2. I cant think of a sweeter photo;-) Kelley hit a cuteness home run!

  3. Kelly is one lovely young lady!

  4. OMG! So so cute he almost doesn’t look real! How very lucky you are,Tracy!

  5. Oh my goodness… if this isn’t absolutely picture perfect!!! Too much cuteness for me to handle!!!!

  6. Little Kelly is the perfect example of a Sheltie fuzz ball. I want to hold her close to my heart and give her lots of kisses on her pretty little head.

  7. What a little Angel!

  8. OMG! Kelly you are beautiful. How Blessed your family is to have you. She has the perfect little face and markings. Adorable, just adorable. Lucky you to have the privilege of sharing your life with this beautiful little girl. Spoil her well!

  9. OMG!! Be still my heart, these baby’s just keep getting cuter and cuter. We are not even having a chance to get over one baby before another shows up. Sheltie Nation has REALLY gone on cuteness overload this season. Tracy, your little Kelly is just so adorable, as I’ve said about all the baby’s this year, she too will be fun watching grow into adulthood. Just be sure to enjoy puppyhood first, it goes by way too fast.

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