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The Best Thing About A Leaf Pile?


taylorfallOwners – Syndi & Brad Johnson
Photographer & Grammy – Sheila

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  1. Beautiful in so many ways! Taylor is stunning beyond words. The gorgeous autumn colors really show off his stunning color and white chest.

  2. Look how your stunning little bi-black just makes those reds and oranges jump right out of the picture. I love that adorable little face, the tipped ears and those soulful little eyes. Lucky you Syndi and Brad.

  3. The fall leaves are a perfect compliment to the beauty of Taylor, posing so still while you took the picture. This should be a fall shot for the Sheltie Calendar. I love the wagon.

  4. OK everyone — we have our “October” Sheltie picture ready for the annual calendar. Do we have a calendar? I’d love one.

    All of you are so lucky to have each other — and Grammy is a professional photographer. I’ll bet you have lots of wonderful photos of Taylor.

  5. Taylor is so cute! Such a nice photo, too.

  6. How sweet… Taylor is the cutest Tri I gave ever seen!

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