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Daggone If Those Aren’t The Best Ears!

Why do I feel like LeLe’s ears remind me of leaves?

sheltie in dog bed

Too cute, Breezy!

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  1. What an absolute cutie LeLe is!
    She seems mighty comfy in her beautiful bed/throne!

    No, she is not spoiled…

  2. I am such a sucker for prick ears — and these are adorable!!!

  3. Oh my! Those ears are STUNNING, just like the rest of your beautiful girl!

  4. Look at those ears! Absolutely adorable!!!!

  5. All the better to hear you with my dear! Such a doll baby, with the perky ears and the all too alert eyes, you can know that you will never be out of LeLe’s hearing/sight. The little bit of the black outlining the ears just gives LeLe that much more personality.

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