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Ding Dong!

Shandi and Buddi say: “Anybody home? We know you’re iiiiiin there, Scooter!”


I bet Scooter wants them to stay right there, Judy!

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  1. Love it! I bet the cat really is thrilled they are outside and not in with them. I am with Sullivan I be there’s never dull moment.

  2. O’ what a priceless look on the Sheltie faces. Scooter is a riot!!

  3. This photo gave me a smile when I really needed it. We have a kitty too so I can really relate to this shot. Shandi and Buddi are VERY focused on Scooter, LOL.

  4. If this picture is any indication, I’d say Scooter is running this house, or at least thinks he is! My guess he knows that once Shandi and Buddi get back in and double team him, his rein is over so he is enjoying the peace and quite while he can. Beautiful fur baby’s X’s three. Never a dull moment in your house, right Judy?

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