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Anybody In The Mood For A Cute Puppy?

Yes? OK, I thought so.

Say hi to Moses. He certainly fits the bill!


Many thanks to Grace!

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  1. He is simply adorable! Many years ahead of lots of fun and love ahead!

  2. He is beautiful!! I also have moses but he is a sable! They make me smile!!

  3. Looks just like my Madison when she was that little, beautiful & she still is.

  4. “Anybody in the mood for a cute puppy?” Bbhahahahahaha, of all the questions to ask Sheltie Nation! Moses is among the cutest of all the babies this year, it just gets better and better. And of course, everything is just as I want it, tipped ears, very pretty markings, what looks like very inquisitive eyes and lots of soft puppy fuzz. Grace, you are in for a life time of fun and more love than you will know what to do with, oh, I know, give it back to Moses! Congratulations on your new family member.

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