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I Come From A Land Down Under

Brodie lives in Australia and is ‘lord of the manor’, at 5 months old.


And you wouldn’t have it any other way right, Nola?

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  1. What an adorable fuzz muffin.

  2. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! LUV THE PUPPY FUZZZZZZ !!!!!

  3. He looks very special on his tartan throne. What an adorable puppy! Greetings from your Sheltie cousins in Northern Canada.

  4. Awwww…the puppy of my dreams ????

  5. Well of course he is lord of the manor! Just look at him, he’s pawsitively regal.

  6. Brodie is such a cutie pie;-) Wishing you many years of happiness and health with Brodie!

  7. What a handsome little fella your Lord Brodie is Nola, I know you are one proud momma. Going to enjoy watching this baby grow.

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